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Wah Wah Stash - Geocache GCA8

It was a beautiful fall day to go for a drive and work on our Geocaching Jasmer Challenge.  With a round trip of over 400 miles, we were able to find the Wah Wah Stash geocache that would help us in completing our Jasmer.

Jasmer Challenge

This completes our November, 2000 Jasmer Challenge requirement.  For those of you who don't know, to complete the Jasmer Challenge, you must find a active geocache that was placed in every month since May of 2000.   The longer we wait, the harder it gets.  And to give you some perspective, there are less than 120 active geocaches there were placed in the year 2000.

The image below show my current progress.  You can find your own by visiting

Jasmer Challenge Stats for theAbuelo

Abandoned Wah Wah Mine

The mine itself is accessible but not advisable for entry.  I could see that it was flooded in places and didn't want to risk it.  The length of the mine is 360 meters

Finding GCA8 - Wah Wah Stash Geocache

At the time this article was published, 448 people have logged this geocache.  I was number 447 and my daughter was 448.  As I was looking over the logs, I notice that this cache has been found by geocachers from around the world.  I suppose it is because they are also working on their Jasmer Challenge.


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