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Installing the Vector Offroad JLE-Dock / Gladiator Full Width Tube Dock

Let's walk through the process of installing the Vector Offroad JLE-Dock/Gladiator Full Width Tube Dock.  Once the winshield was down, it wasn't that difficult and was kinda fun.  I found the instructions were hard to follow.  So please, allow me to walk you through the process.

The following instruction is taken from the original instruction provided by Vector OffRoad.  I had found that it was hard to follow.  So, I'll be including the original instructions with my updates so that hopefully things will go smooth for your installation.  One of the problems I had was identifying the part and part name with what was being specified withing the instructions.

Visit Vector OffRoad for more information about the JLE-Dock/Gladiator Full Width Tube Dock.


If you are more confortable watching or need to actually see an example of the installation, watch the video below on YouTube of me doing the installation of the Vector OffRoad JLE-Dock

Lower Your Windshield

You have a vehicle that allows you to get the windshield out of the way.  It's an easy process and I would highly recommend doing so for this installation.  In fact, if you are unwilling to lower your windshield, I wouldn't even attempt this installation.  On a side note, the hardest thing about lowering your windshield is removing those #@#$!! windshield wipers.

Take a peak at the video of me walking through the process of lowering the windshield for this installation


  1. Reach inside the dash top cubby and remove the factory rubber liner.  It isn't being held in by anything so it should be relatively easy to pull out. You may reuse the rubber liner by cutting off the two outside wings (as shown) or simply leave it out of the vehicle.

    Personal Note: There is a better way of cutting this liner and reusing.  Don't cut the two outside wings off just yet.  I will explain further in this post when we put things back together.
  2. Using a phillips screw driver, remove the two screws that are located under the rubber pad removed in step 1.

    Personal Thought: What are these screws actually holding in place or are they just there?  I have no idea.
  3. Remove the plastic dash caps located in front of the driver and passenger seating area directly on top of the dash in the defroster area. Some customers find that it’s easiest to locate these caps from the outside of the vehicle, looking in through the windshield. Use a small flathead screwdriver, trim removal tool, or similar to remove the caps. They can be pulled out by hand, but we recommend wearing gloves as it is hard on the fingers. Be careful not to damage your dash. These caps will not be reinstalled. Store them in a safe location in case you ever wish to return the vehicle to it’s original condition.

    Personal Mistake: I removed the wrong dash cap on the passenger side.  I pulled the exact opposite on the passenger side that you are supposed to pull on the driver's side.  So, don't make my mistake.  Pull the dash cap closest to the middle on the passenger side.


  1. Place the left and right hand center brackets into their place and LOOSELY secure them to the dash with the factory screws.

    Vector Offroad JLE-Dock Center Mounting Brackets
  2. Put some thread locker into the open end of the stand of the standoffsand thread the included set screws in until they stop.
  3. There is a bolt below each of the dash caps that were removed on page 2. Start on the drivers side and remove the bolt using a 10 mm socket on a short extension. thread the standoff down into the hole and tighten. You can use an allen key to tighten the bolt in the top of the standoff to fully tighten the standoff.

    Vector Offroad JLE-Dock Drivers Side Standoff
  4. Install the second standoffin the passenger side opening. On this side you will install the spacer block first and then the standoff. The tall portion of the spacer block faces the hood.

    Vector Offroad JLE-Dock Passenger Side SpacerVector Offroad JLE-Dock Passenger Side Spacer Orientation
    Note: My fingers were to big to install this.  I used a peir of needle nose pliers and dropped it in place.  
  5. Remove the M6 bolt and washer that are in the end of both standoffs and place the edock onto the dash. Align the edock tabs with the top of the standoffs and the center mounting brackets. The tabs that are welded to the edock will sit in front of the center brackets or from the angle deplicted in the photo below, the edock tabs will be below the brackets.

    Vector Offroad JLE-Dock Tab and Bracket Location
  6. Reinstall the M6 bolt and washer through the tab and into the standoffs as shown below. Keep the hardware loose until the final step. DO NOT use these bolts anywhere except for in the standoffs. The thread is different and will cause damage.

    Vector Offroad JLE-Dock Bolt On Standoff
  7. Secure the edock to the center tabs using the 1/4” bolt, washer and lock nut as shown above in step 5.
  8. Tighten the dash screws using a phillips screwdriver and snug up the rest of the hardware. Be cautious not to over-tighten the nuts and bolts, snugging them up is sufficient.
  9. Install your phone and other device holders. Do not block airbag depolyment with devices!

Vector Offroad JLE-Dock Final Install With Accessories


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