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Beaver Spring - GC7C

The second oldest geocache in Utah, USA is Beaver Springs (GC7C). Together, with my daughter and our trusty Jeep, MoonShadow, we made our way up to the Beaver Springs geocache. It was early October when we made the trek and was a perfect day to go for a drive.

Missing Glasses

When I was researching the Beaver Springs geocache, I noticed that one of the previous visitors mentioned that they had left their reading glasses at the cache site.  This totally slipped my mined until I saw them in the cache container.  Making a mental note to contact the owner of the glasses, I picked them up and put them in the Jeep.  Upon arriving home and getting settled in for the night, I contacted the owner of the glasses through the website.  He confirmed that the glasses were his and I offered to ship them to him this week.  Just paying it forward.

Mavic 2 Zoom

While on our adventure that day, we took out the Mavic 2 Zoom by DJI to see what it could do and to practice flying.  I really like the Dolly Zoom feature.  We still have much to learn, but this is going to be a great tool in the future.

Jasmer Challenge

The Jasmer Challenge requires geocachers find one cache hidden each month since geocaching began in May 2000. To give you a sense of the breadth of this challenge, there are less than 120 caches hidden in 2000 that are still active.  We found GC7C because it was the second oldest geocache in Utah and allowed us to fill in one of our grid squares for October of 2000.  You can find your own stats by visiting either your profile on or  Project-GC gives you an abundance of statistics about your geocaching habits and is where you can find your current standings within the Jasmer Challenge.  You can see by the image below, that I still have my work cut out for me.

Jasmer Challenge Progress for theAbuelo


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